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  • Congrats to the BBC Class of 2017!

    The completion of a season brings about the end of an era. As with every June, Brandywine Ballet says goodbye to a group of graduating high school and college seniors. This year, eight high school and one college gradudate say farewell as they enter the next stage of their lives. 

    As they embark on this new journey, our high school seniors reflect on their time at Brandywine Ballet –

    “Brandywine Ballet has given us skills and experiences that we will carry with us everywhere. In our time with the Company, we have learned that motivation, perseverance, and responsibility will result in continued growth. The Company taught us that hard work in dance is met with improvement, and while it may become difficult or tiring, the reward outweighs any temporary pain. The determination required for dance has made us more disciplined and we have learned how to accept critiques and apply them. Brandywine Ballet gave us teachers and opportunities that encouraged us to work harder in order to improve, and the demanding expectations and schedules made it necessary for us to push ourselves and to use our downtime wisely. It showed us that we are each responsible for being the best we can be in order to make performances—and the company as a whole—the best it possibly can be.

    While Brandywine Ballet required our time and devotion, it has given us so much in return. The time, the people, and the work have shaped our lives and our personalities. We’ve created inside jokes, lifelong friends, and lasting memories that would not have been possible without the wonderful people and resources that Brandywine Ballet provided.”

    -Brandywine Ballet, Class of 2017

     Top: Abigail, Ashley, Jessica, Kathryn

    Bottom: Madison, Samantha, Stephanie, Uma

    This year we also congratulate Laura Betz, our graduating college senior!

    Laura graduated in May from West Chester University with a Bachelors Degree in Liberal and Professional Studies, a minor in Elementary Education and Psychology, and a Certificate in Ballet from Brandywine Ballet. She has accepted a position as a Preschool Assistant Teacher at The Meadowbrook School in Abington, PA. Laura will be returning next season as a professional dancer, so you will have many more opportunities to see this beautiful dancer take the stage! 

    Thank you to each and every one of our Brandywine Ballet dancers for a fantastic season! The staff, faculty, and Board of Directors wish you every bit of luck and success as you enter this next stage in life. Remember, no matter where you go in life, you will always be a part of the BBC family!