Blog: Brandywine's Ballet Bag!

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  • Setting the Barre – A Ballet & Arts Education

    As the new school year approaches, most families are gearing up to purchase new pencils, notebooks, glue sticks, and other traditional school supplies. Our Brandywine Ballet families know that the start of a new school year also brings about a new dance season, and with it new ballet supplies. Leotards, tights, hair ties, and shoes are sure to be on that list. For our ballerinas, and dancers around the world, the art of practicing dance is an important part of their education – an arts education.

    A dance education enriches many facets of a student’s life. Active athleticism, discipline, motivation, and hard work are some of the life long lessons that a dancer is taught during their training. These lessons will translate not only into a career in dance or the arts, but to whatever path a young dancer elects to take. 

    In a research report supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Dance Education Organization reflected on many students that supported the notion that dance education impacted math, language, and kinetic learning with a positive correlation. In addition this report also stated that students who are provided with general arts education are more likely to be creative thinkers, have higher test scores, and pursue and graduate college.

    This fall will bring about hard classes, long rehearsals, and sore feet for all dancers. Dancers, families, and audience members alike will remember that there is so much more to the hard work that goes into putting on a performance. The art of dance brings enrichment into all of our lives; in this moment, in years past, and in years to come.