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  • When the Shoe Fits!

    Perhaps the most exciting project for any performing arts organization is the production of a new work. Brandywine Ballet takes on that task this spring with Nancy Page’s Cinderella. We recently sat down with her to hear more about what we can expect from this production in May.

    What is your biggest inspiration for choreographing?

    -The music is the most important element for me. I have to listen to a song over and over again until I can see the choreography in my head. If I can’t envision it, or if I don’t like the music, I start again with a new song.

    Will you be using the traditional songs by composer Sergei Prokofiev?

    -There is only one scene where you will hear the original Prokofiev score. The other pieces are by a variety of composers that I like and am familiar with.

    What characters can we expect to see?

    -My ballet will have a great array of characters. In the first Act you will see many fun, lively characters, including a Ballet Master who will come to the house to teach the stepsisters to dance before they attend the ball. As you move into the garden, you will see beautiful creatures such as grasshoppers, lightening bugs, and fairies. 

    What are the easiest and hardest elements of creating a new ballet?

    -The choreography comes naturally to me: I can envision the steps and what I want to see on the stage to the music. The hardest parts can be choosing the physical elements that correlate with that, such as costumes, props, and sets. It takes time to find and create the exact pieces that will bring the ballet to life in accordance with the vision I have.

    Who is most likely to enjoy the ballet and why should they come to the performance?

    -Everyone! Cinderella has elements and scenes that will be enjoyed by anyone of any age. If you’ve never seen a ballet before, or if you come to see us every year, this performance will be so new and exciting that I hope and expect everyone will love it.

    Nancy Page’s Cinderella premiers May 17 – 19, 2019 in West Chester, PA at the Emilie. K. Asplundh Concert Hall. Tickets are available here, or you can make a reservation for your group to attend. Don’t miss this performance that is sure to be spectacular!