Corporate Giving

Corporate Giving

Perhaps you are a patron who also plays a prominent role in the business world. Is a contribution to Brandywine Ballet Company something your company might consider of value – a Corporate Donation This could be a stand-alone contribution from your company, or it could be in the form of “matching gifts” to any donation your employees choose to make.

Whether it’s a donation to support Annual Operations, the Costuming & Staging of new Ballets, adding to the Endowment toward our future, or simply Sponsoring one of our Ballet programs, your Company’s investment in Brandywine Ballet - a 40 year-old company with a wonderful regional reputation - will be a benefit to all who enjoy our Programs.

A Corporate Donation has the power to:

•Help expand our efforts to make the arts accessible to the underprivileged, seniors, and students in our community. For example, most BBC Program series sets aside one performance for school classes to attend (hundreds of overjoyed kids).  Likewise, those in our community who need assistance with their ticket costs are offered substantial discounts.

•License and perform works from noted ballet choreographers such as George Balanchine (via the George Balanchine Trust),

•Offer new and innovative contemporary ballet productions (via choreographers from BalletX, Pennsylvania Ballet, Koresh Dance Company).

•Continue to present original storybook and repertoire ballets by Resident Choreographer Nancy Page.

•Support our efforts to increase instructional and technical training opportunities for our dancers; helping them expand and fulfill their artistic potential toward mastery of the craft.

If you would like your Company to contribute to Brandywine Ballet, or discuss that prospect with a member of our Board, please contact us at 610.692.6402.  Thank you!