Donor Opportunities



  • Annual Fund

    As a patron of the Arts, and in particular the Dance Arts, we would like you to know that there are a few ways to consider and make your donation to Brandywine Ballet Company. Not only will we benefit from these kind donations, but your donations also help the Arts to remain a viable and valuable element of our culture. Our Annual Fund is entirely an operating fund, dedicated principally to Ballet and Contemporary dance instruction at the highest level as well as fully-staged Ballet performances throughout the season. Just as important, portions of this fund go toward repairs and upgrades to costumes and sets, allowing our performances to be visually beautiful in all ways possible. If you would like to support BBC’s operations, please click the Annual Fund link above. Thank you! Photo Credit: Alexander Iziliaev
  • Costume/Staging Fund

    Our Costume/Staging Fund is directed toward new productions, where substantial costume and set investments will be required. As you might expect, we maximize the use of our costume and set inventories as far as possible, among programs; but, the larger percentage of new production costs requires funding. This is not an annual situation for BBC, but in the months well before a new production DOES hit the stage, this is when having a fund is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in ensuring that Brandywine Ballet's future productions are visually pleasing in all ways possible, then please consider making a gift to this fund through clicking on the Costume/Staging button at the top of the page. Thank you! Photo Credit: Alexander Iziliaev
  • The Mike Yasick Endowment Fund

    We know Brandywine Ballet has patrons who may be interested in, or even prefer that their donations have longevity about them – a single gift that provides ongoing funds to BBC. In 2014, our first endowment was established – The Mike Yasick Endowment Fund. A devout family man, business leader, member of the Brandywine Ballet board, and father of a talented BBT dancer, Mike was a strong supporter of all. His legacy to Brandywine Ballet was to initiate this endowment. In brief, the Mike Yasick Endowment Fund will last “in perpetuity”, providing “income” to BBC according to the success of the investment vehicles chosen to hold the Fund (Vanguard). The principal funds donated are meant for long-term investment and growth such that the annual income earned may be sufficient enough for its intended use. By decree, the Fund will support the artistic endeavors in performance at Brandywine Ballet. Expenditures will be restricted to costume and set design, as well as artist, choreography, and licensing fees. If you would like to contribute to the future of Brandywine Ballet, through the Mike Yasick Endowment Fund, please click the Endowment link above. Thank you! Photo Credit: Alexander Iziliaev
  • Professional Dancer Pointe Shoe Fund

    Brandywine Ballet's Professional Dancer Pointe Shoe Fund helps to provide our professional dancers with these very important tools. Please consider offering your assistance to help keep our professional dancers on their toes. These handcrafted shoes are approximately $80 a pair, and a professional dancer often goes through a pair each week while rehearsing for a seasonal production. Your assistance to this fund will go directly towards keeping our professional ladies en pointe. If you would like to make your gift available to this fund, please click the Pointe Shoe Fund button at the top of the page. Thank you! Photo Credit: Alexander Iziliaev
  • Repertoire Fund

    Brandywine Ballet’s Repertoire Fund was created in 2016 to receive donations with the express purpose of providing our dancers, both pre-professional and professional, the opportunity to perform in new choreographic works added to our repertoire. These works are composed specifically for Brandywine Ballet and will be an important part of our Repertoire for years to come. Newly created choreography will expand the experience and technical abilities of our dancers, pushing them to new heights, and provide vibrant new productions for our audiences to enjoy. Please consider making a donation or pledge to the Repertoire Fund and support Brandywine Ballet in its ability to bring new programs into our repertoire. Thank you. This fund was initiated in recognition and appreciation for all dancers who are dedicated to achieving their dreams. Rob and Leslie Telthorster, and their daughter Hannah (former Brandywine Ballet Principal Dancer) ask you to join them in funding this worthy cause. Photo Credit: McMasters Photography