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Fall Series 2022




Sat. October 15th 4pm
Sun. October 16th 2pm

$25 - $45


West Chester University

Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall



The mystery of Dracula unfolds in an old, stone castle set in Europe. Prince Dracula and his bride Elisabeta are madly in love when the Prince is called to lead his nation into battle. Believing that her beloved has been killed, Elisabeta takes her own life. Upon his return, the Prince finds his bride has died, and becomes a madman in his heartbreak. He vows, “never to die,” and terrorizes the lands as a vampire. This tale of love, heartbreak, and the reunion of two lovers will excite, thrill, and intrigue audiences.


Photo: Susan Royce

Dracula - Choreography by Nancy Page

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